Saturday, October 22, 2016

Top 10 problems Adult Language Learners have in the Workplace

Question to Workplace Supervisors-  What sort of communication problems does your non-English speaking team have in the Workplace?

Here’s what we have identified from past and current clients:

Background:  Information was gathered from a group of eight language learners from China and Africa working at a retail distribution center, auto parts supplier, and restaurants during the Summer of 2015.
  1. Sometimes I don't understand what the supervisor says.  The supervisor speaks too fast.  Example:  "Can you find/bring me...."
  2. Conversation changes directions without me knowing.  Example:  Appropriate use of "To change the subject..."  
  3. Calling something by more than one name.  Example:  Shrink-wrap vs. Wrap  
  4. Quantifying orders/supplies and preparing orders.  Reconciliation with the purchase order.
  5. Reporting maintenance issues.
  6. Understanding slang/inappropriate English.
  7. Being given multiple tasks at one time verbally.
  8. Communicating via two-way radio.  Example:  "Copy that."
  9. Doing something step-by-step and having to improvise or adlib due to missing parts/supplies or time constraints.
  10. Receiving directions (location).  
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Friday, October 21, 2016

‘2-Pass’ Technique

The ‘2-Pass’ Technique is good for language test takers that are dealing with words that they do not fully understand or have no clue to their meaning.  For example. if the student does not know the key words, there is little they can do about it during the test so they shouldn’t waste time.

It is recommended for handling this challenge efficiently by deploying the ‘2-Pass’ technique.  The way it works is on the first pass, the student goes through quickly answering all the questions that they find easy.  The rule of thumb is that if they don’t know the answer within ten seconds, they skip to the next question. 

On the second pass, the student goes back to the more difficult questions left blank. If they still aren’t sure of the correct answer after 30 seconds they should make an educated guess and move on. 

By using the '2-Pass" Technique, it ensures that language test takers don’t get stuck on the more challenging questions and end up wasting a lot of time.